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- Deep Muscle Therapy
- Therapists training workshop
- Native style of individual attention
- Amazonian style of individual attention
- Cleansing of spaces and houses.
- Relaxing massage
- Mayan time workshop
- Mayan oracle reading


Powerful Therapy cellular memory release retained by life experiences of psychological origin, emotional and physical. Through slow and deep pressure manipulation in the muscle areas there is a corrective and therapeutic effect by releasing stress and chronic pain. Increased mobility, vitality, energy vibration and generates well-being. This therapy includes the physical, emotional and etheric patient.


- The TMP allows the patient to a level of deep relaxation of the nervous system at the physical, emotional and mental health.
- This is a technique that focuses on the connective tissue and in the deeper layers of muscle tissue releases chronic patterns of tension, increasing joint mobility and muscle, creating an inner state harmonic expansion and vitality.
- Works by unlocking the information printed by the psychosomatic processes, activating and balancing the life energy that is directly related to the muscles, organs and emotions.
- Restores the energy balance up the vibration of the patient, generating an immediate general welfare to flow better in life by giving a deeper meaning to our existence.
- One of the biggest benefits of the TMP is to release the cellular memory retained cumulative trauma acquired in life.
- Is a powerful tool that allows access from the body dimension of the "I" to the unconscious meanings and images constantly operating with full force in every present moment.
- With the revival of body memory, the release of emotions long held, and the existing blockages at the physical and energetic, it restores the flow of energy and create tangible changes in the relations of the individual.
- Removes toxins, eliminate fibrosis, relax and "off" the fibers of the muscles thus helping to prevent future injuries and heal stress at all levels.
- The TMP is developed with new technology in treating muscle. The union of massage therapy with the vision that integrates the physical, mental and energy make this technique one of the most advanced of our times.


HEAD: Headaches, Dizziness, Ringing in the ears.
NECK: torticollis, cervical osteoarthritis, cervical, cervical hernia.
BACK: back pain, herniated disc, low back pain, osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, sciatica.
SHOULDERS: Shoulder Tendonitis, Injuries of the scapula.
ELBOWS: Epicondylitis, epitrochlearis.
HANDS: Sprained joints (wrist, interphalangeal), wrist tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome.
HIP: Osteoarthritis of the hip, pyramidal syndrome, tendonitis of the hip.
LEGS: Bursitis of the greater trochanter of the femur, soleus contracture and twins, patellar tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis.
KNEES: meniscal injuries, ligament sprain lateral patella injuries.PIE: Sprained Ankle Sprain interphalangeal joints, tiredness of feet
ABDOMINAL PROBLEMS: Constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome, Burning, strangulation of the esophagus by contraction of the diaphragm.
PAIN FOR WEAR: Hip, Neck, Back, Lower Back, Knees

Treatment of muscle chains, with improvements instantly the range of motion and decreased pain, up to 50% in most of the diseases in a single session. Natural treatment (no drugs) Special Athletes, Dancers, Musicians, Clerks, Women in pre, post and pregnancy, people with and without physical training.