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About the Medicine couple Gerardo and Emily Arrieta.

Gerardo is a Chilean citizen descendant from "Diaguita" tribal clan, He has lived in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Australia, India and Brazil. Trained as a popular music composer. Therapist and instructor in Deep Tissue Therapy and Neuropuncture. He works as a cameraman, editor, producer and postproduction in several Indigenous Documentary.

His path with the medicine start at the year 1991, after 5 years of incursions he decide to stop and start his purification and dicipline during 4 years guided by a Mapuche Shaman doing walk on fire ceremonies, Zen Meditation and spiritual traditional practice. He got into discipline with daily Sadhana, Kundalini Yoga, Meditations and into White Tantric Yoga. Incursion into different spiritual practice. He received the call to walk the medicine ways learning with Spiritual leaders from Chile, Bolivian Chamans, Chipibo, Quechua and others Peruvian Curanderos, with Shuar, Chachi and others Taitas from Ecuador, with Taitas Cofan, Siona and others medicine leaders from Colombia and Venezuela, with Guaraní, Huni Kuin and Yawanawa Pajés and with his participation in different ritual of Santo Daime, Umbandaime and medicine people from all around the glob.

He was recognized as a Curandero of the Amazon-Andean medicine ceremonies in 2009. He carry the Chakana alter of ceremonies, old emblem of the Inka empire. Conduct retreats, cleanings, diets, detoxification baths, traditional ceremonies and individual consultations.

Medicine Man / Road Man of the Native American Church (NAC), member of the council of the sacred fire of Itzachilatlan, keeper of tradition and custodian of the altars of Chanupa, Inipi Lakota, Temazcal Mexica and sweatlodge Navajo. Drummer and Olowampi singer (songs of Lakota Sun Dance), 10 year as a Sundancer and complete his Vision Quest in 2006 and support several Quest around the glob. He share circles of songs of the Native American Church NAC, and he carry the boundle to leader NAC ceremonies since 2010.

Emily Arrieta, born in Australia, has walked the medicine path since 2013, 5 years participating in the traditional style of ceremonies. Walking as a couple with Gera she start to learn the peyote way and sit in NAC meeting in Mexico and in different Mechica, Navajo and Lakota reservations. Support different Sundance in Colombia, Mexico and United States, like Lakota Sun Dance in Colombia, Lakota Sun Dance in Nayarit Mexico, Navajo Sun Dance in Tallpine Arizona, Lakota Sun Dance in Pine Ridge Reservation and Lakota Sun Dance in Crowdog Paradise Rosebud Reserve South Dakota. Also learning from Wixarica tribe with different Marakames and doing ceremonies and offering in the desert of Wiricuta. They have been in the Putumayo Jungle of Colombia with different taitas. Together they got Fardados in the Doctrine of Santo Daime in the Church of Chave de São Pedro and participate in different spiritual centers of Santo Daime, Umbanda and Iorubá in Brasil. Initiated as a daughter of Iemoja.

They have been working in South America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela) in Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey , Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Austria and Czech Republic) in Mexico, the United States, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, India and Australia.