About Us

Gerardo and Emily Arrieta.

Gerardo is a Medicine Man / Road man of the Native American Church (NAC) and of the Nation of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. Leader of tipi ceremonies of the Lakota / Navajo style. Carrier of tradition and custodian of the altars of the Half Moon, Chanupa (sacred pipe), Inipi Lakota, Temazcal Mexica and Sweatlodge Navajo, Olowampi: songs of Lakota Sun Dance, Circles of Songs of the NAC. He is also a healer of the Amazon-Andean line. It conducts retreats, cleanings, diets, detoxification baths, traditional ceremonies and individual consultations since 2009.

Emily was born in Australia and has been walking since 2014 participating and learning in the traditional style of Native American ceremonies in different reservations and Sun Dances in USA and Mexico. Due to her responsability in the ceremonies of the NAC she is known as a "water woman". Also she has been learning with different Marakames (medicine man from Wixarica tradition) in the desert of Wiricuta in Mexico and in her travels. She has been with Taitas (medicine man) from Cofán tradition in jungle of Putumayo, Colombia. Fardada and active participant of the Church of Santo Daime, in works of Umbanda Blanca and African Candomblé in Brazil.

Their joint work has been developed through the conduction of ceremonies, conferences, workshops, offerings, therapies and spiritual orientation for a number of people around the world, they have worked in South America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela) in Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Austria and Czech Republic) in Mexico, United States, Russia, Thailand , Indonesia, Nepal, India and Australia.