From Wales, Uk:

I have known Gerardo since 2004 and have had the pleasure of sitting in ceremony with him in the past few years in the UK.
He holds a clear space, following the ceremonial protocols that he has learned and giving clear instructions to the circle. He has obviously gone to great lengths to reach the understanding he has of the traditions he carries. He shares teachings from the various Elders he has worked with and lifts up the prayer with beautiful songs and prayers form the Heart. He walks with complete dedication to the prayer of bringing healing of heart, body and mind to the people through the Sacred medicines.
My name is Michael Bonser, from Machynlleth, Wales, UK. I have been taking part in Ceremonies of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan since 1995 - Vision Quest (in Spain, 1996 onwards), Sun Dance (Mexico, 2000 onwards and one year in Brazil) and Star Dance (Spain and Mexico from 2015). Within the tradition of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan I am a canupa carrier and leader of Temazcal and Four Tobaccos ceremonies, in Wales and in various countries in Europe. I have known Gerardo since 2004 when I danced with him in Brazil and in the past four years I have taken part in two ceremonies in the UK which he led, assisting him with the Fire and the Drum.

From Istanbul, Turkey:

Firstly Gera guided us before 2,5 years in this spiritual journey. Since my teenage times I was reading and dreaming about to get South America to meet a native shaman, however Gera was passing through our country and brought the wisdom of native tribes and served all in proper. In this period he introduced many beautiful people including lovely Emily during 3 different ceremony gathering.
Personally all ceremonies prepared me for a postceremonial spiritual passage. Making a Tamascal, cleaning the environment and prayer to its spirits, deep respect of existence and ancestors, connection to the higher, remembering the aims and reasons to be here and now.... These experiences taught me a lot to retouch how I live my life. On the other hand as a family constellation facilitator, I shared these ancestral healing ceremonies with an opened heart and inspired mind. I feel gratitude to have these circles handled by skilled prayers; Gera and Emily who knows how to hold a space and take care of souls and spirits.
As a final word; in our last ceremony Gera and Emily put huge effort for the prayer service for my pregnant wife and our baby. Emily was also pregnant and our children took a part in the circle. Thanks a lot, for connecting my family to this road with their diligence. I hope Great Spirit supports them in safe and peace while they are sharing this wisdom with us and heal. Love...

From Krasnodar, Russia:

Greetings from Russia!
My name is Pasha we acquainted with Gerardo in 2014 at the ceremony which I helped to organize,since we meet each other every year when he with family comes to Russia. This meeting was sign in my life, I have seen how tradition works, have adjoined to heritage of her ancestors, and have been honored to work with fire that teach me many important things. Gerardo became for me very close elder brother, his skill of a ceremony and honoring of tradition has forever touch my heart, also he won respect by affairs here, despite all difficulties and adventures he never gave up . In a consequence I became the regular participant of these ceremonies which help me with healing and to acquisition of the forgotten knowledge, this mission is very important in Russia because it helps us to remember what at us was constantly cut off connection with Spirit , exactly at this times.
So it has turned out that ancient traditions in our culture were destroyed many years and became almost forgotten, but your people saved it, and now it helps also us to remember and to waken. I had already an experience with medicine before, but Gerardo's appearance personally for me is very timely. Gerardo real master of ceremony, together with his wife Emily that strongly supports him in his life and their daughter they devote themselves to this way. He owns the talent and correctly applies it, all little things are important for him and each participant on ceremony in his attention.They helps me a lot with healing and learning to grow up in spiritual way, i have recognize power of serving to the Spirit, supports me in difficult situation with my mother that need help now I am very grateful and I appreciate it. I"m waiting for our next meeting with my beloved family.

From St. Petersburg:

Hello my dearest brother and friend! It's because I've been thinking about you! I'm smiling while writing to you)) I think a lot about you, in some situations I imagine that I talk to you and what would you say. You are very close to my heart and my soul, I feel so happy I've met you! This last ceremony in June was the most significant for me. It was my 7th ceremony, and the second with you. I read somewhere the 7th ceremony is a kind of last step of the first period of learning. I felt like this...I remember your face during the ceremony close to mine, and my heart remembers every word you told me! I keep them in my heart, and your priceless help, Gera! Ayavaska was so cruel and so generous to me this time. She cured my deepest pains and hidden tragedies, She helped me to meet my true tears, to open my heart for life!.. To be honest, the whole year after my last ceremony on my birthday was horrible! I didn't want to live... every morning I opened my eyes and cried, I felt no sense in every single moment. I was in the deepest depression ever... Everything was unbearable and painful... Now I look back in this year with gratefulness - it ruined so much illusions, hopes, illusions. Loosing myself, I was getting ready for the way that started now. It gave me strength to get ready for the idea Ayayaska gave me this ceremony. Gera! She gave me The Code, The Gift. I'm a puple yet, I'm just learning to use this precious present - to give up, stop fighting, be here and now, find happiness inside me. It is not easy for me, but I stopped dying, and started breathing! I can live now!I'm so grateful to you, and Emily, and Cora for these two days! You are my family, my dears! Please give my hugs full of love to your magic ladies. 

From USA:

My experience of the sacred plants with Gera and Emily was as challenging as it was profound. One has to be prepared and aligned to journey down this sacred path and should feel called as much as have the wish to make a deep inner experience. Gera and Emily are very experienced in their work and are capable leaders in bringing students through the many trials and tribulations of working with sacred plant medicines. If one feels that they are meant to go on this journey with these two as guides, then trust your inner knowing and give yourself fully to what may be a life-changing experience.

Seth, Boston USA

From Sydney:

My name is Christian. I have been visiting the Pine Ridge reservation since 1996 spending the majority of my time with elders that have since left us for the spirit world. Namely Eugene Reddest from Lost Dog Creek, Tommy Crow from Allen, Earl Swifthawk, Solomon Red Bear from Potato Creek. Jimmy Du Bray also from Allen and John Around Him. I have always taken part in ceremony with the utmost respect for the Lakota traditions and way of life which I still carry with me today and always will. I have known Gerardo and Emily since 2014. Since then I have sat with them in various ceremonies and have always had wonderful and positive experiences. They have always conducted themselves with integrity, respect, and in a good and sacred manner. They are good-hearted people with a strong marriage and beautiful baby daughter. They always sit in ceremony together, work together, travel together, and treat each other and others with love and kindness. They also came to support me last year as I sun danced for which I am ever grateful for their support. I know that they are committed to helping those in need and are always working for the good and healing of people through their constant prayers.

With warm regards, Christian

From Sydney:

I have had the blessing and privilege to know Gerardo and Emily since early 2013. I appreciate very much the way in which they continually travel and learn from elders and healers.Their noble mission of sharing ceremony, knowledge, stories, songs, and prayer to people who may not ordinarily have any access to the beautiful traditional ways not only provides the opportunity for deep healing and connection to spirit, but also reinforces to these people that what are often thought as old traditions are truly part of strong living cultures that are to be held in the highest of reverence.Through my interactions with Gerardo and Emily I have found them to be honest, humble, kind, motivated and extraordinarily passionate both as individuals and as a team.I feel that their path is worthy and much needed at this time, and I feel strongly enough about this to not just speak or write about it, but to also directly support them on their journey wherever I can. As I write this, I am planning to travel from Australia to India for the second time to support them in their work.I wish this good couple the deepest of blessings on their way.

Yours Sincerely Ben

From Tasmania:

On the 16th and 17th of September 2016, I Enoch, coordinated and supported Gerardo and Emily to conduct 2 Native American church ceremonies. Many people from both ceremonies have contacted me via email and telephone expressing their gratitude for the ceremonies. It has recently come to my attention that someone accused Gerardo of being abusive in one of these ceremonies. I hereby declare that this is not true and that Gerardo conducted himself and the ceremony with full integrity. We look forward to continuing our friendship with Gerardo and his family and inviting them back to Tasmania in the future to continue the sacred work we have begun.

Yours Sincerely,

From Brisbane:

My names Susan, I have been sitting in ceremony withGera and Emily since early 2016... to date I've been involved in 5 all up... these ceremonies have been life changing for me personally, helping me to overcome personal challenges with strength and dignity.I have found both Gera and Emily to be both professional and spiritually guiding/uplifting helping me to understand the grandmother medicine process and more recently the grandfather process. I have always found both Gera and Emily to be honest , helpful, and extremely proper in their ceremonies.I highly recommend these ceremonies to anyone on the path of self awareness and communication with the not only the higher self but also the great creator.I cant speak highly enough of both Gera and Emily and how enlightening these ceremonies can be, if you are ready for such enlightenment.... may their journeys be safe and their mission to help the planet safe and prosperous. moore love


From Melbourne:

My name is Val, I am a friend of Gera, Emily and their daughter, Kora. I am completing my PhD in Neuroscience at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, and am a stand for people that suffer from anxiety and mental health disorders. I met Gerardo and Emily in June 2014, when I first attended a healing ceremony led by Gerardo Arrieta in Melbourne Australia. It was a truly profound and healing experience: where I got to see that I am a contribution to my communities and to society. I got the freedom to truly connect and communicate with people, after having suppressed my self and my communication with friends and family, and work colleagues. Since then, Gerardo and Emily have become good friends, and my partner and I, attended their wedding in Cairns in April 2015. Whenever Emily and Gerardo come Melbourne we spend time with them, and our 10-month old son Leo and their daughter, 8-month old Kora get to play as well. For the three years that we have known each other, I have met other people who had gotten freedom from anxiety, piece of mind, and heart-opening experiences out of participating in Gerardo and Emily's healing ceremonies. I can say that, in my view, Gerardo and Emily devote their lives to contributing to people's well-being, and I have no knowledge of them taking any actions to do in dis-accord with their purpose.